UNCCA offers two levels of membership. Full membership is known as Fellowship and offers the greatest suite of advantages, while associate membership is accessible to all who have an interest in international trade law and wish to participate in UNCCA’s activities. Please use one of the forms to join as a Fellow or Associate Member.


In addition to the benefits offered to associate members, as a Fellow of UNCCA you will be provided with a range of benefits including opportunities to:

  • participate in and contribute to the full range of UNCCA events;

  • receive discounted or free registration for certain UNCCA events;

  • attend and contribute to UNCITRAL working groups; and

  • enjoy significant networking opportunities.


Fellowship of UNCCA is open to individuals who have:

  1. attended an UNCITRAL Working Group at any time; or

  2. attended two UNCITRAL events outside Australia for a combined total of at least 4 days (Seminars, Symposia, Expert Group meetings) at any time; or

  3. made a regular and active contribution as a member of the executive committee of the NCC or in the work of the Company for at least 12 months; or

  4. been otherwise approved by a majority of the board.



Standard: $200 per calendar year

Full-time academics and government officers: $150

Full-time students and retirees: $50

Associate Membership


As an associate member of UNCCA you will gain access to benefits, including:

  • discounted registration for certain UNCCA events;

  • opportunities to participate in certain UN day events;

  • invitations to join and contribute to the relevant Expert Advisory Committee groups for each Working Group; and

  • opportunities to contribute to UNCCA projects, including papers for publication.



Associate membership is available to anyone who has an interest in the work of UNCITRAL and in being part of UNCCA, but who does not qualify to be an UNCCA Fellow.







Standard: $75.00

Full-time students and retirees: $25.00

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