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UNCCA Annual May Seminar – Presentation Videos

UNCCA is proud to share a series of recordings of presentations from its latest Annual May Seminar, which took place on May 24 at the University of Canberra this year. These recordings are now being made available to the public in order to promote awareness on key topics relevant to the international law landscape. UNCCA further hopes these videos will prove beneficial in providing those that were unable to attend the Seminar with insight into the processes and quality of the annual event. We hope to see you at next year’s Annual May Seminar. Opening Address by The Hon Justice Neil McKerracher

Keynote Address by the Hon Justice Sarah Derrington

Panel 1 – A Pre-Launch Discussion of the Joint UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT and HCHH Legal Guide on International Commercial Contracts

Panel 2 – Correlations Between the Electronic Commerce Convention, the CISG, and the TTP Agreement

Panel 3 – Current Developments in ISDS (with a Special Focus on Working Group III)

Panel 4 – Enforcement of International Mediated Settlement Agreements, with a Special Focus on Working Group II’s work on its Preparation of a new Convention and a Revised Model Law

Closing Address by Dr Dalma Demeter, Featuring Comments by Tim Castle and Bruce Whittaker

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