A student’s reflections on attending the 55th session of Working IV of the United Nations Commission

The law of international trade is of fundamental importance to any transaction carried out between entities existing within different countries. The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) serves the purpose of working towards achieving cross-jurisdictional understanding and compatibility between the legal systems of different member states. This is an immense task…

There is something truly exciting about being part of the genesis of new principles of international trade law.  Attending Working Group IV of UNCITRAL allowed me to gain a greater appreciation for the complexities and processes involved in reaching multi-jurisdictional approval for a specific area of law. I am deeply thankful to Dr. Alan Davidson, the University of Queensland, and the UNCITRAL National Co-ordination Committee for Australia for allowing me this wonderful opportunity. I will look back on this experience with many fond memories for years to come.

Simon Brandis.

For more information on the UNLAWS program, contact Alan Davidson.

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