The Mandate


Working Group IV has maintained its current focus area of electronic commerce since 1997.

During this time, Working Group IV has made several important contributions to e-commerce regulation, including by producing the following documents:

In the past, the mandate of Working Group III has included:

Identity Management and Trust Services

Recently, since its 48th session in 2015, WG IV has focused on legal issues relating to identity management ("IdM") and trust services. Included in this process was the hosting of an expert group meeting on the legal aspects of IdM and trust services in 2017. Consequently, in 2018, WG IV distilled its focus to include the following issues:​

  • mutual recognition requirements and mechanisms;

  • certification of IdM and trust services;

  • levels of assurance for IdM and trust services;

  • liability;

  • institutional cooperation mechanisms;

  • transparency;

  • obligation to identify

  • data retention; and

  • the supervision of service providers.

Last year, the Working Group read-through a set of draft provisions which were produced in 2018, and engaged in preliminary discussions as to how these provisions should be codified. There was an overwhelming preference for the instrument of codification to take the form of model laws, rather than a convention.

Further Information

As with other Working Groups, WG IV maintains an online record of its latest work and agendas for forthcoming meetings. The relevant information is available here.

This page was last updated in June 2020. 


Electronic Transactions

There are several key texts Working Group IV has prepared the following texts in furtherance of its mandate on electronic transactions.

Download them below by clicking on the URLs:

  1. United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts (New York, 2005) - see [additional resources]

  2. UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce (1996)

  3. Recommendations to Governments and international organizations concerning the legal value of computer records (1985)


Electronic Transferable


Working Group IV has prepared one key standalone text in respect of Electronic Transferable Records.​

Download it below by clicking on the URL:

  1. UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records (2017)


Electronic Signatures

Working Group IV has prepared two texts in respect of Electronic Signatures.

Download them below by clicking on the URLs:

  1.  UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Signatures (2001)

  2. Promoting confidence in electronic commerce: legal issues on international use of electronic authentication and signature methods (2007)


Cloud Computing

Working Group IV has prepared one key standalone text in respect of Cloud Computing.​

Download it below by clicking on the URL:

  1. Notes on the main issues of cloud computing contracts (2019)


Identity Management & Trust Issues

Work on Identity Management and Trust Issues is currently underway.

This section will be updated in due course upon the release of relevant texts.