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Call for Papers: UNCITRAL Emergence Conference, Macau, 13-14 December 2016

From the Regional Centre:

The UNCITRAL Emergence Conference 2016 will be held on 13-14 December 2016 in Macau, China. We are now inviting paper proposals/abstracts for review.

Following the two successful conferences held jointly by the secretariat of UNCITRAL, through the Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RCAP), and the University of Macau in 2014 and 2015, this year’s Conference will take stock of emerging regional developments relating to the harmonization and unification of international trade and commercial law, and also consider various areas of potential interest for UNCITRAL from a regional perspective.

We invite researchers, scholars and practitioners to share their insight opinions and research, and to engage in an international dialogue on these topics at the Conference. 

Paper proposals are invited on all emerging legal issues on cross-border business-to-business transactions, including but NOT LIMITED TO the following tracks and topics:

Track 1- Development of the digital economy: new ways of doing business domestically and cross-border.

(E.g. Cloud Computing (With A Focus On Small- And Medium-Sized Enterprises), Internet Of Things, Contracts For Data Transfer/Licensing; Electronic Signatures And Identity Management; Electronic Payments, Including By The Use Of Third-Party Platforms; Distributed Ledger Technologies; World E-Trade Platform (e-WTP) Proposition)

Track 2- Enhancing global supply chains by reducing legal obstacles

(v.g. Harmonized Law Of International Sale Of Goods, Including Limitation Of Actions, And Market Efficiency; Legal Barriers In MSMEs’ Access To Global Supply Chains; Enhancement Of E-Supply Chains Through UNCITRAL Texts On E-Commerce; Regional Legal Barriers Facing Supply Chains In Asia-Pacific; Business Laws Divergence As A Non-Tariff Barrier)

Track 3- Contemporary and emerging issues related to finance and investment

(v.g. Financial Inclusion Through Increased Access Credit And Combating Poverty, Including SME Finance; Convergence of Crowdsourcing Legal Frameworks; Strengthening Cross Border Recognition Of Security Rights And Coordination Among Security Registries; Islamic Finance; Harmonization of Investment Law)

Track 4- Emerging legal issues in the commercial exploitation of Deep Seabed, Space and Artificial Intelligence

(v.g. Commercial Exploitation Of Global Public Goods And Other Resources, And Potential Legal Challenges; Relevance Of UNCITRAL Texts On International Commercial Dispute Resolution In The Context Of Deep Seabed Mining And Space Exploration And Exploitation; Harmonization Of Legal Frameworks Governing Commercial Activities In Outer Space; The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Systems And Other Computational Systems In Commercial Law (Smart Contracts, ODR))

Track 5- Rule of law and access to justice in the context of Climate Change, Finance and Investment

(v.g. The Relevance Of The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules For Climate/Environmental Dispute Resolution; The Possible Implications Of The UNCITRAL Transparency Standards On Treaty-Based Investor-State Arbitration (Rules, Convention And Registry) On Climate/Environmental Disputes And Policy Making; Arbitration In Private Climate Finance; The New York Convention And Enforcement Of Climate Change-Related Arbitral Awards; BITs And FTAs: The Current ISDS Framework In Light Of The Paris Agreement; Cleantech: The Importance Of Climate Change-Related ISDS To Portfolio Strategy; Reducing Risks In Privately Financed Climate Investments: UNCITRAL Model Law On Public Procurement)

Details of the Conference and the Call for Papers may be found in the attached flyer [see hyperlink below]. We very much look forward to your paper proposals/abstracts on the above topics, or on any other legal topics on cross-border business-to-business transactions, by 30 September 2016. For submission of paper proposals/abstracts or for enquiries, please kindly contact us at:

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